Mukusi (Rodesian Teak) Baikiaea Plurijuga
Freshly cut, Mukusi is a brownish colored, richly textured wood. As the wood ages, the color is enhanced exposing a dark sophisticated pattern tinged with dark grainy undertones.Mukusi is the hardest of the woods we work with, making it ideal for long lasting household furniture, doors and windows.
The rich, warm brownish tones of the wood make a beautiful addition to any home.
Mukwa (Kiaat) Pericopsis angloensis
Characterized by a medium brown color, Mukwa is a medium textured hardwood with a predominantly straight and sometimes interlocked grain resulting in a symmetrically aligned appearance. It is a beautiful wood that is ideal for furniture and other furnishing applications.
Only mature trees are harvested to ensure the best quality of products
Mutuya – Brachystegia speciformis
Is a light brown, high density wood with an irregular and interlocked grain that sands to a beautiful smooth finish.
Mwande (Mahogany) Afzelia quanzensis
With its characteristic reddish brown color, Mwande or Mahoganny as it is better known is a straight-grained hardwood, suitable for windows.
Muzauli (Rosewood) Guibourtia coleosperma
Is an easy favorite among customers mainly owing to its durability and a fine grain and a deep reddish brown color guaranteed to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any home.