We manufacture a wide range of products for the household and the construction industry from local indigenous hardwood trees including Mutuya, Mukwa, Muzauli(Rosewood) Mwande, and Teak. These species of trees are chosen for their durability, resulting in long lasting products with a beautiful finish. Our work encompasses the entire production line, starting from the forest where mature trees are harvested for delivery to the carpentry shop.

In the forest, mature trees are harvested from concessions. From there, they are either cut into planks onsite or transported to the main facility where they are stacked in a well ventilated room or outdoors.

At our carpentry shop, our team of skilled carpenters begin the work of transforming the carefully selected wood into beautiful functional pieces. The wood is cured in a natural and traditional by air drying. This process can last anywhere from six to eight months depending on the season.
During this time, the wood goes through a transformative ageing process that naturally reduces the moisture content of the wood to approximately eight (8) percent.

Most of our products are made to order. Few standard items: beds, besides, chest of drawers, chairs, tables, stools

FURNITURE – Bathroom, Dinning, Kitchen,Livingroom,Office.DOORS. OTHER – Plant pots,Pergolas.