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Q. Do you offer product design services or is it the clients that provide the designs?
A. Yes, in particular for kitchens. We can also produce products designed by our clients.

Q. How long does it take from the time an order is made to final production?
A. We shall advise at the time we give you a quote.

Q. What wood do you use?
A. We use local indigenous hardwood trees including Rosewood and Teak.

Q. Can a client choose the type of wood to use for a particular product?
A. Yes

Q. Do you offer a delivery service?
A. Yes, within Lusaka and if order is above K 50,000.-

Q. Do you provide express service on orders?
A. No

Q. What are the payment terms?
A. Usually payment is in full upfront. For larger orders, we do negotiate terms.