Founded in 1990, by a German carpenter and architect, Guenther Widmaier, Mongu Joinery is a family owned, owner operated company specializing in wood processing. It is one of Zambia’s premier wood processing companies producing a wide range of finished wood products that include furniture and construction products like door and window frames, doors and flooring. From its humble beginnings of three employees, the company has grown to over thirty full-time employees and numerous casual workers that support operations from time to time.

Between 1990 and 2005, an intensive carpentry training program was implemented that taught carpentry to school leavers. Many of whom joined the Mjoi family while others went on to start their own businesses. In addition to supporting local families, we are very proud of and continue to draw from generations of carpentry and woodworking history that defines and embodies the high quality of our products.

• Corporate Social Responsibility
Giving back to the community is a key ingredient to the Mjoi family.
Over the years the company has supported tens of students that have included students with disabilities and has also supported schools by providing scholarships to deserving students

• Environmental Custodianship
It is our policy to safeguard and protect the forests that provide our raw materials. It is the only way to ensure the long term sustainability of our company. Viewed in this light the integrity and long term sustainability of the environment is critical to operations.

Given this reality, the timber we use is carefully selected and harvested resulting in minimum damage to the environment and helps ensure sustainability of our forest resources.
We only harvest mature trees guaranteeing the highest level of quality and craftsmanship possible.